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Been watching MMA continuously, since 2006. I had seen a few PPV's before, but when I saw UFC 64 & 65 with Silva and St. Pierre winning the belts, I was hooked forever. My wife worked at a video store at the time and I rented all the dvd's I could. Now, I am an addict. I gave up all other sports to follow MMA and I don't regret it one bit. I love the UFC, but love to follow other organizations and fights, as well.
As far as training, some of my older students and I decided that we wanted to start a grappling club. Between the 3 of us there was Judo, BJJ and wrestling experience. We meet once a week or so and drill certain things and spar. We have guys come in ocassionally and roll with us. It's mostly for fun, but we will attend the occasional NAGA or other small tournament.

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