"Train hard fight easy"
Member Since: Feb 4, 2010
Job: Self Employed Sub Contractor/Fighter
Education: High School
For Fun: Camping, fishing, racing, astronomy, survivalist, ROCK!!!!
Experience: Boxing,Wrestling,muay thai, NoGi jj
Location: Spencer IN, USA

I have fought in many more fights than my "OFFICIAL" record shows. Some of those fights were WARS  and i am very proud of what i have accomplished. My unofficial record is 17-1-1. I am a very well rounded explosive fighter with my wins being pretty evenly distributed. I have 8 wins via submission and 9 wins via KO(3)/TKO(6). I have obtained 3 titles during my ameture career run. I was the Champion of Elite Cage Fighting(155lbs), Yard Wars145lbs), for Gary "IRON BEAR" Myers, and Indiana Cage Fighting(155lbs). I am married with 4 kids and do everything I can to be the best father and fighter i can be. I have been boxing with trainer Rick Zufall since 2005 and I have been self taught in mma until here recenlty(late 2010) when i aquired a BJJ, wrestling, and Muay thai coach to add to my gym. I currently have just a few sponsers as of right now but am marketing myself as much as possible so that i may get the breaks i have worked for in this sport.

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