"Damaged people are dangerous because they know they can survive."
Member Since: Nov 3, 2008
Job: full time student at UH (Engineering)
For Fun: exercise and training

I'm only seventeen but my mind is old, but when things get real - my warm heart turns cold. Right now a full-time student at UH trying to pursue a career in mechanical engineering. If that doesn't suit me, I'd like to be an automechanic or welder. I love training, although my clutzy ass is constantly injuring myself. My family is my number one, fuck with them; I'll turn from a cruiser to a bruiser. Most people think I'm really weird and random, but that's what makes me who I am! I can be really nice, but once you disrespect me the violent raging bitch comes out. I hate being misjudged so I try not to judge others, and I try to get to know them before I judge. Oh and I'm great at giving advice, but terrible at listening to my own.

My name is actually supposed to be Chief Bitch, but accidentaly added the "t" I don't know why. And if you're wondering why I chose this name, it's just the screen name I use when I play Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4.



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