"the only constant in life is change"
Member Since: Jan 20, 2008
Job: Promoter, MMA Judge, Nurse, Mom
Education: Enough to do what I do
For Fun: fun
Experience: Enough to not repeat mistakes
Location: FL

I started the first ever Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/MMA Club on Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base, NC in 2005.  I operated 4 locations of a winning BJJ/MMA school in 3 states.  My fight organization was the First Ever Pro/Am MMA event on Camp Lejeune, NC in 2008.  My Production Company contracted with Armed Forces Entertainment and the Pentagon to take the first ever sanctioned live MMA event to the troops in IRAQ in 2009. I have done all amateur shows and pro/am shows. I judge MMA shows for different state commissions. I have been on Fox Sports-FightGame twice; Fight Mag; Radio..talking about my events and the benefits of MMA for the military. Using MMA for their entertainment, their combat readiness and a healthy alternative method for controlling PTSD symptoms.  Im also a nurse, mom of 2 awesome kids and been  married to a Marine Lt Col for 22yrs. I have piercings, tattoos and drink beer from a bottle. 

Semper Fi ~Monica


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