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The meeting was actually disappointing.  I went hoping to hear some good news.  Some good points made to the committee, but, how it will go from there is unknown.  One of the concerns is the part of the proposed rules states that any show where the public has to pay to watch is considered a professional event.  I don't have the papers in front of me and that is a clif note version.  If anyone read it differently then by all means ammend it. 

It is a concern when you have fighters trying to get into the sport.  If this were to go through there would be little to no outlets, in Michigan, for them to get the experience they need.  Many would be forced to fight out of state or go pro.  Not good from either stand point.  Going out of state puts financial strains on the fighters and they really have no idea what they are getting into.  Going pro straight out of the gym puts them in situations where they could get hurt or so discouraged that they leave the sport.


Everyone please contact your local state rep and let them know your feelings.  Make your voice heard and let's get amateur regulated and standardised.  We can't let them destroy it all together.

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