"If you want to learn how to fight you must practice fighting against someon"
Member Since: Jan 1, 2001
Job: Functional Fighting Instructor
Education: College
For Fun: Languages, Body Boarding
Experience: Full Instructor in JKD & FMA (Inosanto), Silat (DeThouars), Muay Thai (Sirisute), BJJ Black Belt (Inoue), Kalis Ilustrisimo (Ilustrisimo), Original Dog Brother(Lucky Dog)
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Website: http://jkdunlimited.com
Facebook: http://https://www.facebook.com/burton.richardson

Visit www.jkdunlimited.com to see my "MMA For The Street" approach.  Self-defense oriented, but using MMA as a base so it all actually works under pressure.  We have several certification courses for those who are willing to do the work, put in the rounds, and develop the skills necessary to become certified.  I also have my books and DVDs available.  Aloha,  Burton 

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