Not a Troll Jan18 2015

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I am not a troll, this is my only account and Justafriend is me IRL, i don't lie or deceive people. If you still insist that i am a "troll who got exposed" a while back then please provide evidence for your claim or issue an apology. I am frozen at the moment (to many VDs) so i cant defend myself on the OG.  


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Fabes site profile image  

1/20/15 8:22 AM by Fabes

Hi Art!

Kimbo Kardashian site profile image  

1/20/15 7:29 AM by Kimbo Kardashian

youd think a guy thats been here for damn near 10 years would know these types of things

PoiuPoiu site profile image  

1/20/15 4:48 AM by PoiuPoiu

get a clue. creating another thread about it, will lead to getting vote down frozen one like cry babys

Justafriend site profile image  

1/20/15 4:46 AM by Justafriend

20 Jan 2015 another temp ban lol

VinegarStrokes site profile image  

1/19/15 11:52 AM by VinegarStrokes

So he's a troll.

GrindOnLine site profile image  

1/19/15 11:18 AM by GrindOnLine

To VD I meant to write.

GrindOnLine site profile image  

1/19/15 11:17 AM by GrindOnLine

I don't know what happened but I'm tempted to VU for lack of explanation. A little background anyone?

ProctorMMA site profile image  

1/19/15 11:12 AM by ProctorMMA

Shake it for me.

dhughes site profile image  

1/19/15 10:56 AM by dhughes

I have no idea what this about but looking at your mod log, you have *never* been frozen by mods or admins. You have been frozen purely by vote downs from other members.

Steven McTowelie site profile image  

1/19/15 10:09 AM by Steven McTowelie

What is this? I came in hoping to see something fun and exciting but instead I'm drowning in tears :(


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