Machida Vs Mousassi

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This Was A Dud!!!Both Were Horrible.Waz Up With Machida/Beard Looks Old.If I Was Gerard Go For Takedowns And Combos Second Round Alternate Between Rounds.His Camp Should Tell Him.I Like Gerard. Shakes Hands Alot.Prime Moose Was A Past After This.Machida Is So Slick .That LIghtingHail Mary RoundHouse.Reminds Me MIrko.EveryOne Who Face HIm Aware Of Slicky.Gerard Ate Those Every Rounds.What The Fuck Is Going On?Specially From The Moose.I Observe Moose Before And Armenian Assassin Is No Joke.Gerard Acted LIke Why Am Doing Here?He Faced Much More Talented Than Machida.The Best Was Erick Silva Playing Soccer With Tada.Erick Returns After That K.O. Loss Kim.

Where Did FInd Tada?Wtf?Dude DIves In Holds Erick Leg.And Held It.Ya Know Erick Is Not A Scary Guy.Buddha,Please Bring Back Jon Fitch.NIght Of Brazillians.Nico Vs Jacare Was Boring.Swedes And MIddle eastern  Fighters Are Appearing In Octagon Lately.Is Bellator Off The Air?Why Is Kings OF Cage Not In UG.Right Now koc Rulz.Wtf!

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