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It's pretty clear by now that this book isn't about Roger Huerta so much as it is about me. I went through a journey on many levels (spiritual, physical, emotional) as I discovered who Roger was, explored his life story, and met him in the flesh.

The way people initially reacted to this story was that I was a "stalker" and a weirdo. Although my presentation was questionable and I had something to do with how people reacted, those initial perceptions really couldn't be further from the truth. You'll never see me groping fighters or invading people's physical space like Jenna Friedman (Dana White's "stalker") does, or making unwarranted sexual advances on people who are married or already involved someone. You WILL see me suddenly change my mind and walk out if I don't feel something is right.

You'll often see me fighting with myself, contradicting myself, pressing other people's buttons for the sheer enjoyment of it, and slipping in and out of different roles... in order to come to terms with my opposing desires. (Isn't this really the challenge of being human?) This is my own version of fighting, one that has kept me as a continual recipient of negative feedback.

Due to me having a thick skin, I've been able to laugh it off forever, but now that I have actual eyes on me, followers scrutinizing almost every word I put out there, and an opportunity to really do something big with my writing career, I'm asking myself: "MMkay, biotch, what's the real image you want to put out there? How do you REALLY want to be seen in this world?"

Thanks to the process of working on the book, I've been able to get some answers.

I ultimately want to do the right thing, for better or for worse.

I want to share half of whatever this book sells for, with Roger Huerta and whoever he wants to share it with, and I want nothing in return. I want to give credit where credit's due.

If Roger doesn't want to have anything to do with me, that is absolutely his choice, and I'm fine with that.


That said, enough BLAH BLAH'ing... here's where you can FINALLY get a free sample chapter of my forthcoming book about my interest in Roger Huerta:

Sign up, download the sample, read it, and send me your honest feedback. Does it suck? Is it funny? Interesting? I want to make sure this book is the best it can possibly be, so I am open to any criticism.

The book is getting closer to being finished. I'd love to be able to release it around the time Roger fights Phil Baroni (timing would be awesome!), but we shall see. As some of you know, I have a nasty habit of procrastination... otherwise, this shit would be done by now (and it'd be on to book #2!).

I'd like to thank those individuals who've been supportive and interested in this story from the beginning. You know who you are.

Thanks to any ex-doubters and ex-haters who dismissed me at the beginning but then stuck around to see what emerged.

Thanks to everyone going out of their way to say this book will fail, because that's my sign I'm on the right track. :-)

Thanks to Arianny Celeste for being a Lopez (hahaha!), for getting arrested for domestic violence, and for being thrown in the same detention center as War Machine is currently in! (LOL!) The lulz split my side, and I almost died due to the irony of it all.

On a serious note, thanks to Roger Huerta - you don't know this, but everything about you - the good and the bad - has inspired me to become my best self. I would be sitting in my old apartment, bored shitless, hating my life right now, if you hadn't shown up and jolted me into creating the life I really want. Thank you.

That is all. Peace out.


P.S. Get your free sample chapter here:

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