Getting tired of these gi prices mane!

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tatami nova basicDamn, what is going on with the gis for bjj recently?  The whole scene seems to have quieted down lately, as in the past few months, but for a couple years there, things were going cuh-razy.  It seems like we either have an awful selection to choose from based on what we can afford, or a super-expensive super-artsy one.

Just a few shorts years ago, you could get gis from pretty much only the "classic" martial arts companies.  Like Fuji, Adidas, Mizuno, and the ones that focused on just bjj gis.  I think Gameness was kind of starting out.  No Shoyoroll, no Lucky, Atama was there, no Tatami.  Vulkan and Koral were around.

But most of these gis, except some Fuji's and Tatami's, will run our poor aces around $140 and up.  Friggin' annoying right.  I am so tired of only having like a choice between this plain white one or this one for $80 more and it has patches, an air filter, and running boards.  In lime green and orange.  Oooh, so radical!  Heyy I like the colors as much as the next guy but the prices for these is out of control, and I should know.

I have some insider information.  I found out how to become a wholesaler and did so.  I changed my entire website around so that I could sell gis to the readers.  After a couple of weeks, that company said I was too small to sell to and they voided our agreement.  One example of the price mark-up they throw at us - one gi ran about $75, you HAD to sell it at msrp which was... $140 + shipping.

tatami nova basic reviewThe first gi that blew me away as having the best value for the money was the Tatami nova basic.  I did NOT like this gi at first but I really do now.  It is kind of plain compared to what you see today but the durability, color choice, weight, and very small price tag ($90) make it worth it imo.  A Lucky gi for $200 is not worth it when you can get 2 Tatami basic gis plus have some left over for shipping.

But you will also not get the cool ace liner inside your gi pants that has small flashing lights lol.

I feel that the 2 best gis for beginners OR people looking to train bjj and save money would be the Tatami Nova Basic gi or the Fuji lightweight summer gi.  Both are usually sold for less than a Benjamin Franklin.  A Nova Basic could be thrown into the backseat or trunk of your car so that you ALWAYS have one ready to go if you happen to see a bjj gym.  You could take one on vacation with you, it is kind of light.

Anyways, I am tired of getting ripped off when I want or am shopping for a new gi.  If you'd like to find out where you could score a Tatami Nova, or just read a review, or see some pics, click the linked text homie.

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