Pretty excited about this one - Bravo vs. Royler re-match set for Metamoris 3

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 Anyone else pretty jazzed up for this re-match something like 10-15 years in the making?  I probably should look that up.  Let's see - ADCC 2003.  I'm sure you've seen it, he caught him in a triangle.  I wouldn't say it was a crazy bjj match but it was a big match both at the time and what it could mean now.

Back then, and keep in mind I was barely a fan of bjj at the time so what I am writing is all based on like me reading Bravo's books, watching videos, or hearing what people have to say in forums, back then this match or maybe the victory was huge.  Here was Bravo, a relative unknown that qulaified through the North American ADCC trials matched up against Royler Gracie.  A dude that I think had either never been submitted in competition or barely at all, up until that point.  He was the Marcelo Garcia of the time.  In fact, probably even more revered than Marcelo because again, he had not been submitted at his weight.

That was it - Royler had never been submitted by anyone at his weight and I think Mario Sperry tapped him but Sperry is/was huge.

review of mastering the twisterBravo catching Royler in a triangle would be equivalent to someone like you or me catching Marcelo in a guillotine at Pans.  After all that training, how awesome would that feel?  Bravo pretty much dedicated his life to music and bjj at the time, not to beat Royler but to find a perfect fighting system.

You might think I like Bravo or am a nuthugger of the 10th Planet system.  Nope.  More on that below.  Maybe.

Anyways, at Metamoris 2 Ralek Gracie stepped up onto the mat and announced the re-match.  Then both Bravo and Royler came up there and were given a chance to speak.  Personally I feel Ralek kinda dissed Eddie.  In fact I thought he dissed Royce earlier when he was presented with some weird award.  Here's a Metamoris trophy for something you've never participated in.  Anyways, Ralek flat out said Royce was in the right place at the right time.

And to Bravo he said that he had made his name off of one win over a Gracie.  That all of his current fame and fortune were due to his family.  I felt like I could sense Bravo wanted to say something but was the bigger man and chose not to.

Why am I writing about this re-match?

review of mastering the twisterI don't think Bravo gets enough credit for his bjj or his evolution of the game.  He wrote a couple of good books, put out at least one dvd, all with a legit black belt from JJM.  He doesn't hate the gi, he just doesn't think it's applicable to mma.  He was tired of seeing bjj guys lose in mma and he deduced it was because they were used to rolling in the gi.  That's it.  Nothing about proving his rubber guard is superior to bjj.  I get so sick of people making that generalization.

I know it's not true because...  I interviewed him one time.  Like 5 years ago probably.  I was trying to write an article for an mma mag and sent him an interview request.  It was way easier than I had thought and soon we were speaking on the phone.  It lasted like an hour and I gotta say, he was kind of a prick.  I could hear in his voice that I was wasting his time.  I will own up to not really asking him about his music, which he loves more than bjj, and probably asking him questions that he was sick of answering.

Now the real reason.  I want you to come over and check out my review of Mastering the Twister over at my kick ace bjj site.  Get me some traffic.  Word.  No, seriously though I put it up like 2 weeks ago because I pulled it off my shelf about 2 months ago and went back through it.  I only have 3 bjj books, Jiu-Jitsu University, Marcelo's X-Guard, and Mastering the Twister.  It does feel weird to say but Mastering the Twister probably changed my game the most out of all 3.

The book lays out very simple flow paths and lays out a clear plan for control which I really like.  The part of Mastering the Twister that changed my game the most was the section about the mount.  It really did make a light bulb go off for me.  It was like, that's it?  That's all I have to do from mount?  Get this - once you get to mount you can implement Bravo's little plan and from there you just look for 3-4 things.  That's it.  No more getting bucked off or swept or having to settle for a belly down arm bar MAYBE.  3-4 things to do from there.  I love it.

Anyways, if you think you'd like to check out my review of Mastering the Twister in a non-presure sales environment or just to visit my site, use the link.  Once there, drop me a line, I'll follow your punk ace on the Twitter.

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