The whole gi vs. no gi debate - what say you?

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gi vs. no giWhich side of the fence are you on?  If you have spent any amount of time either training or discussing bjj, then I'm pretty sure you have run into people from both sides of the gi vs. no gi argument.  Some people, like me, kind of straddle both sides.  In the last few years however I have begun to favor training in the gi.

Because of the debate that rages online and in gyms around the world, I decided to put a post up about it.  In it, I lay out some advantages to both and why you may want to choose or focus on one rather than the other.

For a truly well rounded game though you should probably train both.  I do find it funny though that despite most of the top competitors being from gi backgrounds, some people choose to ignore that fact and get all huffy about the gi vs. no gi discussion.

Of course what you should focus on and spend most of your time on will depend on your own individual goals.  MMA fighter?  I would say go to the no gi classes more.  Pan-Am champion?  Then gi classes would be the way to go.

One of the advantages to training in the gi include slowing the pace of the sport, you can sometimes see what's happening in the gi whereas in no gi, you might get swept and then wonder what the heck just happened?  An edge that no gi training provides is that it makes you better at scrambles and ending up either on top or in control.

What are some of the other pros and cons in the gi vs. no gi conflict of 2012?  I don't know, I guess you'll have to click here to find out.  It's a quick post that points out a few ideas you may want to consider when trying to decide between the two.  See you freaks over there.

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