How to choose an mma gym - tips and warnings

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choosing an mma gymWhat is up my underground people?  Talk about a weekend filled with mma.  Friday night we had the TUF Smashes Finale followed by the TUF Finale on Saturday.  Last weekend we got that free fight card that featured BJ Penn, Benson Henderson, Nate Diaz, and Shogun.  And then we have the JDS/Velasquez fight 12/29 I think.

But anyways, how many have you have run into issues when choosing an mma gym?  Why won’t they just tell you the monthly cost over the phone?  What type of mma gear do you need?

Well I spent a good portion of my workday last Saturday putting a post together about just that.  Things you should look for when choosing an mma gym.  Not only are there things you should look for but also the gear you should bring.

I put up some tips, advice, and warnings too.  Like when shopping around for mma gyms the best place to start is probably right at home, from your computer, with your favorite search engine.  Make a list of gyms in your area and then go from there.

With so many choices, criteria, and questions, choosing an mma gym can feel a bit daunting if you aren’t very familiar with how it all works.  I try to walk you through the process in the post.

Some questions you may want to either write down or ask include things like the credentials or lineage of the instructors, the mma styles and classes that they offer, and the schedule and curriculum of the classes.

Some tips include not buying the mma gear that they offer at the gym right away.  You want to get an idea of the various prices beforehand.  Try to measure how willing they are to provide information and answer questions.  If they seem reluctant or unwilling to provide all the answers you are looking for, you may want to take that as a warning sign.

So – if you’d like to get some more kick ace pointers when choosing an mma gym, click here.  Probably the most important thing to keep in mind is that the gym needs to fit you, you are going to be the customer.

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