The mma gear you need to begin training

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mma gearWow, look at all of my activity lately, this blog is blowing up!  Ha ha.  I just now put another post up, this time going over the essential pieces that should make up your mma gear.

The required mma gear list is fairly short, there are only basically 3 things you "need."  There are another 3 items that would probably be very beneficial to have as well.  Those last 3 items kind of depend on both your preference as well as the type of training you will be doing.  For example, you may not need a set of headgear if you are never going to taking punches or kicks to the dome.

But the mma gear article is fairly easy, and fun, to read.  I tell anecdotes about getting my ass kicked one time which explains why I almost always wear one certain piece of mma gear.  Another story is about wrestling and getting kicked in the teeth, so yeah it's a good read.

You don't think I'm going to tell you what items you need in this post do you?  Heck no, I want you to come on over to my bjj and mma website, this is just a teaser.

There is also a tip that I am willing to share here though and that is don't buy anything prior to going to the introductory class as well as waiting until you've signed up.  Buying all of the necessary mma gear and THEN finding out you really don't like it or you don't like catching someone's foot across your chops, that would be a very expensive mistake.  At least for me it would be.

I have seen so many people come in and love it.  For a week or two.  And then their body starts to quit and break down, and then they do as well, never to return.  Just in bjj a gi can be anywhere from $100-$200 and I consider that to be a hefty price to pay to figure out you don't enjoy something.  Use as many free trial classes as you can in order to help make your decision.  And then when you are certain you are going to sign up, only then start shopping for mma gear.

See, wasn't that tip helpful?  For more like it, click there --->  what mma gear you need to start training

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