My Thoughts on UFC on Fox 5 - Who am I? Your worst nightmare.

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UFC on Fox 5Who watched UFC on Fox 5 this past Saturday?  Billed as the greatest UFC card on free network television, do you think it lived up to the hype?

I do think it was the best free fight card we’ve ever been offered as mma fans, but I don’t necessarily think the fights themselves were the best.  Don’t get me wrong they were good but I don’t think I saw any fight of the year performances.  Not the portion that was seen on tv anyways.

I didn’t get to watch the pre-lim fights that were shown on Facebook so perhaps I missed a foty candidate there.  As far as the production of UFC on Fox 5 went, it was decent.  I didn’t notice any major changes from the last event.  I still can’t get past the intro music though.  Fox uses the same jingle for all of their sports.  MLB, NFL, and now the UFC.  If I’m not looking at the screen and hear the music, I immediately think of football, not fighting or mma.  So they need to change that and please UFC don’t go to the death metal, time to end the suffering, I need a minute to myself.  Ugh.

UFC on Fox 5 – What did we see?

BJ Penn and Rory MacDonald – I wanted BJ to win badly.  He did not look like he had anything to offer Rory though.  Penn looked shell shocked halfway through the 1st round and never got into a groove.  BJ needs to go all agro on his bjj and submissions and go back to taking their backs and choking them out.  Stop trying to trade jabs.

Shogun and Gustaffson – I was more of a UFC fan than a Pride fan so when Shogun came over I was like, meh.  Then when I witnessed the huge differences between his fighting style in Pride vs. in the UFC, I figured something was up.  Not saying anything but you know what I’m saying.  The aggression, rage, and fluidity were all gone.  But I don’t see anything from this alleged up and comer Gustaffson.  I was hoping Rua would knock him down a few pegs in the rankings.  But Rua got his ass kicked.  I think a bunch of other light heavyweights would destroy Alex.

Swick and Brown – I was hoping Swick would blaz a trail right through Brown but that didn’t happen.  Brown put him down and that was that.  I am kind of starting to see the tenacity and hunger in Matt Brown’s fighting style.  He has grown on me.  Still doesn’t excuse the belly tattoo though Matt.

Diaz and Henderson – I love the Diaz brothers.  I wanted Nate to win more than I wanted Benson to win.  I like Benson too and I was torn as to who to root for.  I didn’t want either one to lose because well losing drops you back in the pack.  But Henderson did dominate on his way to a unanimous decision victory.   And why are they always bringing up Melendez?  If he was awesome he’d be there already.  Unless Melendez kills Diaz in training I don’t get why they are always building him up.  I think fighters like Maynard and Edgar would own Melendez until he got his feet wet.

I have 3 more brutal truths that I observed from UFC on Fox 5.  I even put them down in written format!  I got motivated enough to put a post up on my site about the UFC on Fox 5 event.  I laid out 3 observations, Penn has 2 options in my book, Shogun needs to switch camps, and the Diaz/Henderson fight was lopsided.  If you’d like to check out my ordinary guy thoughts on UFC on Fox 5, use that link.

See you later freaks.

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