What are your thoughts on vale tudo?

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vale tudoI just added a post to my website that was about vale tudo.  I am curious to hear your guys' opinion of it.  Both as a fighting style and as a sport.  I am an old man, I watched the original UFC's.  Back then, a few fighters would be classified as being from vale tudo backgrounds.  Sounded intriguing but I was not familiar with it.

Of course I knew what karate and boxing were.  Then we'd get Dan Severn and his wrestling.  Then, those rare times... warriors like Marco Ruas would make their way to the cage and they just looked different.  They seemed to have a different mentality, a fighting spirit.  I know Carlson Gracie, one of my idols, fought in vale tudo matches.

I think you could lump people like Carlson Gracie, Marco Ruas, Helio Gracie, and probably even Wallid Ismael into this class of fighter.  It wasn't about money, maybe it was, or fame, maybe it was (there was a tv show way back,) but to them it was about showing their determination.  As in, I will not be beaten.  And if I am beaten, I must be dead kind of way.  Like Helio getting his arm snapped rather than tapping.  Back then, there was no point fighting, no weeks of game planning and video studying.  They wanted to fight to show who was tougher, had more grit and determination, and to see who was the baddest.

I think we've sort of lost that in today's mma.  I think fighters like the Diaz's rep this mentality, Carlos Condit too.  I guess I would define vale tudo, aside from anything goes, with this little phrase - you'll have to kill me to beat me.  Like, you don't see that with some fighters, you can see them quit.  You can recognize it in their body language.  Not vale tudo fighters however.

Anyways, if you want to read up on this underground, hush hush fighting style click here:  vale tudo.  I included the history of vale tudo as well as the evolution.  I listed a couple fighters and embedded a youtube video where Carlson Gracie fights Santana in a vale tudo match from the 50's.  You chould check it out.

Peace my frens.

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