Mixed Martial Arts - How It Originated

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Mixed martial arts, otherwise known as mma, is a hybrid mixture of different fighting styles that enables both grappling and striking techniques to be used whether standing or on the ground.  Rick Blume, then president and CEO of Battlecade, came up with the term in 1995.

Mixed Martial Arts - History

Its origins can be traced back to the Olympics held in Greece with a sports activity named Pankration. It originates from the word "pan" meaning all and "kratos" meaning strength and power. This is a form of martial arts that has nearly zero rules except for you can't bite or gouge the eyes of the opponent.

Bruce Lee in the late 20th century popularized the concept of combining different elements of martial arts in the West. He believed that a fighter is best when he is able to alter any style and be formless. According to Lee, the greatest style is having no style at all.

A lot of mixed martial arts contests took place all over the world including Europe and Asia, primarily Japan. During the 20th century, vale tudo, meaning anything goes, became the rage in Brazil. It became more popular when it was featured on a television show entitled Heroes of the Ring. The show's participants were legitimate martial artists of their own style and it was hosted by the Gracie family.

Mixed Martial Arts - In The U.S.

Rorion Gracie migrated to the United States in the 1970s and founded the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in 1993. The dangerous bouts of vale tudo were slowly made safer leading to the regulated and sanctioned MMA we see today. Initially, combatants were pitted against one another with minimal rules, with the goal of finding the most efficient combination of martial arts for that particular circumstance. Later, more rules were introduced to increase the fighters security and safety and to promote widespread public acceptance.  Prior to this, the UFC nearly folded due to regulations and public perception.

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