TUF 16

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Do you happen to watch The Ultimate Fighter?  I do and I have since the show started way back with Griffin and Bonnar, Koscheck and Leben.  I used to watch all of the UFC's way back when you had to go to the video store and pray that theie 1 VHS copy had been checked back in.  Quite often it wasn't.

After like UFC 14, I got married, it became too hard trying to keep up with the events plus find the tapes.  Not until the reality show, TUF, kicked off, did I get back into it.  I think that was around UFC 55.  I haven't missed an event or show since.

Earlier this year I started my own website and at times like the rest of you bloggers, I get smacked upside the head with writer's block and can't come up with anything to write about.  And here this whole time, I had these seasons and episodes of TUF that I could have summarized and recapped.  Think of it.  I could have been telling you about people peeing on beds, putting nasty stuff inside sushi, and more!

So last night I caught the latest episode on Fuel and this time, I took notes!  After the show, I went online and wrote up a humorous little post.  I recap the epsiode from the training and fight announcement, to the weigh in and fight.

If you'd like to read about what has been going on in the UFC or TUF, click that link right there and get you bottom over there.


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