Wrestling Trumps All and You Know It

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I just added a post to my bjj site, I called it Why Wrestling is King.  I provide two reasons as to what I think makes the sport of wrestling stand out, what makes it by far the best base and discipline to have before going into the world of mma.  From the practice schedule to what's demanded of you both on and off the mats, nothing compares.

There's the weightlifting, the weight cutting, the running, the wrestling.  Not only are you fighting opponents every time you step onto the mat, you are battling the scale, your own fatigue, and more.

If you'd like to read the entire post  you can do so by clicking here:  Best Style For MMA

Hope to see you over there, don't be scared.  I really would like some feedback too.  What style do you think is best for mma?  Which style is the hardest to master?

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