What do you need for your first BJJ Class?

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Are you worried about what your first Brazilian jiu-jitsu class will be like?

Being in shape before you start

Too concerned with being out of shape probably.  Nothing will get you into shape faster than grappling.  You are moving around, a lot, usually in a stuffy, humid, gym.  You are trying to control and submit other grown adults that are nearly fully resisiting you.  All the while trying to submit you too!

What you will look like

Who cares?  We all started somewhere.  Granted I started wrestling when I was like 8 so I never looked bad, lol, but evryone has seen every type come through the gym doors.  Some people can't do somersaults, they show up.  Most people look stupid only because they don't get the movements or the flow.  You will pick it up quickly.

I don't know anything

Of course not, you are just starting out.  Even if you pick up just one move from a week's worth of classes it's worth it.  For self-defense or just to get you into bjj, one move a week is enough.

I put a post up at my site, doyoubjj.com, about what to bring to your first class.  Click the following link to read about what to expect at your first bjj class.  Go ahead, stop by.  You know you want to.

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